Janne Savela

Language and Speech Technology (Department of Future Technologies)

+358 2 333 8593
Joukahaisenkatu 3-5


Effectiveness of the Vowel Game in Learning Foreign Vowel Pronunciation (2015)
M. Wallasvaara, A. Paganus, J. Savela, M.J. Laakso, T. Salakoski
(A4 Article in conference proceedings)

Weighted vowel prototypes in Finnish and German (2014)
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Savela Janne, Osmola Eero, Aaltonen Olli
(A1 Journal article – refereed)

Attention modulates the use of spectral attributes in vowel discrimination: behavioral and event-related potential evidence. (2013)
Brain Research
Tuomainen Jyrki, Savela Janne, Obleser Jonas, Aaltonen Olli
(A1 Journal article – refereed)

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