Tapio Pahikkala

University teacher, Tietojenkäsittelytiede (Tulevaisuuden teknologioiden laitos)
Adjunct professor, Tietojenkäsittelytiede (Tulevaisuuden teknologioiden laitos)
Assistant professor, Tietojenkäsittelytiede (Tulevaisuuden teknologioiden laitos)

+358 2 333 8565
Vesilinnantie 5

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Diffusion Weighted Imaging of Prostate Cancer: Prediction of Cancer using Texture Features from Parametric Maps of the Monoexponential and Kurtosis functions (2017)
Ileana Montoya Perez, Jussi Toivonen, Parisa Movahedi, Harri Merisaari, Marko Pesola, Pekka Taimen, Peter J. Boström, Aida Kiviniemi, Hannu J. Aronen, Tapio Pahikkala, Ivan Jambor
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Fitting methods for intravoxel incoherent motion imaging of prostate cancer on region of interest level: Repeatability and gleason score prediction (2017)
Harri Merisaari, Parisa Movahedi, Ileana M. Perez, Jussi Toivonen, Marko Pesola, Pekka Taimen, Peter J. Boström, Tapio Pahikkala, Aida Kiviniemi, Hannu J. Aronen, Ivan Jambor
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Luminometric Label Array for Counting and Differentiation of Bacteria (2017)
Analytical Chemistry
Milla Högmander, Catherine J. Paul, Sandy Chan, Elina Hokkanen, Ville Eskonen, Tapio Pahikkala, Sari Pihlasalo
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Triangular Curvature Approximation of Surfaces: Filtering the Spurious Mode (2017)
Paavo Nevalainen, Ivan Jambor, Jonne Pohjankukka, Jukka Heikkonen and Tapio Pahikkala
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Circulating Cytokines Predict the Development of Insulin Resistance in a Prospective Finnish Population Cohort (2016)
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Santalahti K, Maksimow M, Airola A, Pahikkala T, Hutri-Kähönen N, Jalkanen S, Raitakari OT, Salmi M
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Comparison of automatic summarisation methods for clinical free text notes (2016)
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Hans Moen, Laura-Maria Peltonen, Juho Heimonen, Antti Airola, Tapio Pahikkala, Tapio Salakoski, Sanna Salanterä
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Detecting Terrain Stoniness From Airborne Laser Scanning Data (2016)
Remote Sensing
Nevalainen P, Middleton M, Sutinen R, Heikkonen J, Pahikkala T
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Energy-aware VM Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers Using Utilization Prediction Model (2016)
Fahimeh Farahnakian, Tapio Pahikkala, Pasi Liljeberg, Juha Plosila, Nguyen Trung Hieu, Hannu Tenhunen
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Luminometric Label Array for Quantification and Identification of Metal Ions (2016)
Analytical Chemistry
Pihlasalo S, Perez IM, Hollo N, Hokkanen E, Pahikkala T, Harma H
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Modelling User Retention in Mobile Games (2016)
Markus Viljanen, Antti Airola, Tapio Pahikkala, Jukka Heikkonen
(A4 Conference proceedings)

O-CDIO: Emphasizing Design Thinking in CDIO Engineering Cycle (2016)
International Journal of Engineering Education
Ville Taajamaa, Mona Eskandari, Barbara Karanian, Antti Airola, Tapio Pahikkala, Tapio Salakoski
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Predictability of boreal forest soil bearing capacity by machine learning (2016)
Journal of Terramechanics
J. Pohjankukka, H. Riihimäki, P. Nevalainen, T. Pahikkala, J. Ala-Ilomäki, E. Hyvönen, J. Varjo, J. Heikkonen
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

RLScore: Regularized Least-Squares Learners (2016)
Journal of Machine Learning Research
Tapio Pahikkala, Antti Airola
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Self-adaptive resource management system in IaaS clouds (2016)
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing
Fahimeh Farahnakian, Rami Bahsoon, Pasi Liljeberg, Tapio Pahikkala
(A4 Conference proceedings)

User Activity Decay in Mobile Games Determined by Simple Differential Equations? (2016)
Markus Viljanen, Antti Airola, Tapio Pahikkala, Jukka Heikkonen
(A4 Conference proceedings)

A Low-Overhead, Fully-Distributed, Guaranteed-Delivery Routing Algorithm for Faulty Network-on-Chips (2015)
Mohammad Fattah, Antti Airola, Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Nima Mirzaei, Pasi Liljeberg, Juha Plosila, Siamak Mohammadi, Tapio Pahikkala, Onur Mutlu, Hannu Tenhunen
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Batch Steepest-Descent-Mildest-Ascent for Interactive Maximum Margin Clustering (2015)
Fabian Gieseke, Tapio Pahikkala, Tom Heskes
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Classification of plant species from images of overlapping leaves (2015)
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
Pahikkala T, Kari K, Mattila H, Lepisto A, Teuhola J, Nevalainen OS, Tyystjarvi E
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Detecting stony areas based on ground surface curvature distribution (2015)
Paavo Nevalainen, Maarit Middleton, Ilkka Kaate, Tapio Pahikkala, Raimo Sutinen, Jukka Heikkonen
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Diffusion-weighted imaging of prostate cancer: effect of b-value distribution on repeatability and cancer characterization (2015)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Merisaari H, Toivonen J, Pesola M, Taimen P, Boström PJ, Pahikkala T, Aronen HJ, Jambor I
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

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