Guido Durian

Molecular Plant Biology (Department of Biochemistry)
Tykistökatu 6
Office: 6033

Areas of expertise
Plant biochemistry; protein analytics; RNA-analytics; confocal fluorescence microscopy; metabolomics, kinase activity assays;


Graduation as Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) in June 2013
from the Freie Universität Berlin. Since July 2013 Postdoctoral researcher at
the University of Turku. From Sept. 2015 until Aug. 2018 Academy of Finland postdoctoral


My research concentrates on signal transduction in plant
immunity and senescence. Herein, one focus are the points of intersection of protein kinase-mediated
and protein phosphatase PP2A-mediated signalling pathways.


Supervision of master thesis, laboratory trainings,
laboratory projects and work practice periods of graduate and undergraduate
students. Teacher in university courses for graduate and undergraduate students.


NMR study of age dependent metabolic adjustments in wild type and pp2a-b’γ mutant Arabidopsis thaliana (2017)
Phytochemistry Letters
Tahereh Jafaria, Guido Durian, Moona Rahikainen, Maaria Kortesniem, Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi, Jari Sinkkonen
A1 Journal article – refereed)

PP2A Phosphatase as a Regulator of ROS Signaling in Plants (2016)
Rahikainen Moona, Pascual Jesus, Alegre Sara, Durian Guido, Kangasjärvi Saijaliisa
A2 Review article in a scientific journal)

Protein Phosphatase 2A in the Regulatory Network Underlying Biotic Stress Resistance in Plants (2016)
Frontiers in Plant Science
Guido Durian, Moona Rahikainen, Sara Alegre, Mikael Brosché, Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi
A2 Review article in a scientific journal)

Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) regulatory subunit B'γ interacts with cytoplasmic ACONITASE 3 and modulates the abundance of AOX1A and AOX1D in Arabidopsis thaliana (2015)
New Phytologist
Grzegorz Konert, Andrea Trotta, Petri Kouvonen, Moona Rahikainen, Guido Durian, Olga Blokhina, Kurt Fagerstedt, Dorota Muth, Garry L. Corthals, Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Subunits B′γ and B′ζ of protein phosphatase 2A regulate photo-oxidative stress responses and growth in Arabidopsis thaliana (2015)
Plant, Cell and Environment
Grzegorz Konert, Moona Rahikainen, Andrea Trotta, Guido Durian, Jarkko Salojärvi, Sergey Khorobrykh, Esa Tyystjärvi, Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Effects of light and the regulatory B-subunit composition of protein phosphatase 2A on the susceptibility of Arabidopsis thaliana to aphid (Myzus persicae) infestation (2014)
Frontiers in Plant Science
Brwa Rasool, Barbara Karpinska, Grzegorz Konert, Guido Durian, Konstantin Denessiouk, Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi, Christine H. Foyer
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Photosynthetic light reactions--an adjustable hub in basic production and plant immunity signaling. (2014)
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi, Mikko Tikkanen, Guido Durian, Eva-Mari Aro
A2 Review article in a scientific journal)

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