Jouni Smed

Adjunct professor, Tulevaisuuden teknologioiden laitoks yht (Tulevaisuuden teknologioiden laitos)
University lecturer, Ohjelmistotekniikka (Tulevaisuuden teknologioiden laitos)
+358 2 333 8537
Vesilinnantie 5

Areas of expertise


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Acceptability of and Demand for a Tobacco-Related Health Game Application in Early Adolescents with Different Gender, Age and Gaming Habits (2017)
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Heidi Parisod, Anni Pakarinen, Anna Axelin, Eliisa Löyttyniemi, Jouni Smed, Sanna Salanterä
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Algorithms and Networking for Computer Games (2017)
Jouni Smed, Harri Hakonen
(C1 Book)

Beyond Skill-Based Rating Systems: Analyzing and Evaluating Player Performance (2017)
Aleksi Visti, Tapani N. Joelsson, Jouni Smed
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Designing a Health-Game Intervention Supporting Health Literacy and a Tobacco-Free Life in Early Adolescence (2017)
Games for Health
Heidi Parisod, Anni Pakarinen, Anna Axelin, Riitta Danielsson-Ojala, Jouni Smed, Sanna Salanterä
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Health game interventions to enhance physical activity self-efficacy of children: a quantitative systematic review (2017)
Journal of Advanced Nursing
Pakarinen A, Parisod H, Smed J, Salaterä S
(A2 Review article, Literature review, Systematic review)

HyväMe-sovellus - digitaalinen työkalu lastenneuvolatyöhön (2017)
Anni Pakarinen, Heidi Parisod, Minna Aromaa, Jouni Smed, Ville Leppänen, Sanna Salanterä
(D1 Article in a trade journal)

Investigating the Finnish elderly people’s user experiences in playing digital game-based skiing exercise: A usability study (2017)
Aung Pyae, Tapani N. Liukkonen, Luimula Mika, Christina Kattimeri, Jouni Smed
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Usability of a gamified application to promote family wellbeing in child health clinics (2017)
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Pakarinen Anni, Parisod Heidi, Aromaa Minna, Leppänen Ville, Linden Iiro, Smed Jouni, Salanterä sanna
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Determinants of tobacco-related health literacy: A qualitative study with early adolescents (2016)
International Journal of Nursing Studies
Heidi Parisod, Anna Axelin, Jouni Smed, Sanna Salanterä
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Midpoint Displacement in Multifractal Terrain Generation (2016)
Rami Ramstedt, Jouni Smed
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Pre-studies on Using Digital Games for the Elderly’s Physical Activities (2016)
Aung Pyae, Mika Luimula, Jouni Smed
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Serious games and active healthy ageing: A pilot usability testing of exiting games (2016)
Aung Pyae, Reetta Raitoharju, Mika Luimula, Paula Pitkäkangas, Jouni Smed
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

When Japanese Elderly People Play a Finnish Physical Exercise Game: A Usability Study (2016)
Journal of Usability Studies
Aung Pyae, Tapani N. Liukkonen, Teppo Saarenpää, Mika Luimula, Patric Granholm, Jouni Smed
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Comparative Analysis on Game Design Pattern Collections (2015)
Tapani N. Liukkonen, Olli I. Heimo, Tuomas Mäkilä, Jouni Smed
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Game Design Frameworks and Reality Guides (2015)
Tomi Suovuo, Ilmari Lahti, Jouni Smed
(A3 Book section, Chapters in research books)

Investigating the Effects of Motion-based Kinect Game System on the User’s Cognition (2015)
Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces
Akihito Nakai, Aung Pyae, Mika Luimula, Satoshi Hongo, Hannu Vuola, Jouni Smed
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

Investigating the Usability of Interactive Physical Activity Games for Elderly: A Pilot Study (2015)
Aung Pyae, Mika Luimula, Jouni Smed
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Mining Knowledge on Technical Debt Propagation (2015)
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Tomi Suovuo, Johannes Holvitie, Jouni Smed, Ville Leppänen
(A4 Conference proceedings)

Mobiilipelien menestystekijät (2015)
Pelitutkimuksen Vuosikirja
Iiro Rantanen, Tapani N. Liukkonen, Sami Hyrynsalmi, Jouni Smed
(B2 Book section)

Rehabilitative Games for Stroke Patients (2015)
A. Pyae, M. Luimula, J. Smed
(A1 Journal article (refereed))

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