Riitta Suhonen
Professor, PhD, Director of Nursing

Professor, Department of Nursing Science (Department of Nursing Science)

+358 29 450 3152
+358 50 435 0662

Joukahaisenkatu 3-5

Areas of expertise
Gerontological nursing; Older people nursing care; Individualized care; Management; Ethics; Self-management of older people; Care environment

PhD, RN Riitta Suhonen is Professor in Nursing Science and has a speciality in older people nursing science (Gerontological Nursing Science) since 2011. She has worked in the Department of Nursing Science since 2008. Formerly, she has worked as a quality and development manager in Forssa health care district, and as a ward manager and registered nurse in surgical care unit. She is experienced in leading and participating in international cross-cultural studies and currently is a co-researcher in many projects. She is the current associate editor of the Nursing Ethics. She holds a part-time position of Director of Nursing in the Turku University Hospital and City of Turku, Welfare Division.

Prof Suhonen is the scientific leader of the research programme called Older Individuals' Health, Nursing and Services. She has been a principal investigator and coordinator of the Individualized Care Project since 2002, which evaluates the realisation of individuality in patients’ care from the point of view of patients and nurses in different clinical fields including national and international parts. The main aim of the project is to develop quality of services and care processes for older people and their caregivers. In addition, the research is focused on producing knowledge about individuality of care services to support self-management of older people. Other research topics are nursing ethics, nursing education and nursing management. InCareS Individuality of care services and environment to support self-management of older people 2014-2018 RightTimePlaceCare 2010-2013. Individualised Care Project ICProject: Evaluation of the realisation of of patient individuality on different clinical settings from different perspectives, 2002-

She is responsible for the CIDI Clinical Instruments for Evaluating Health - Development, Evaluation and Implementation 25 ects. She teaches topics such as older people nursing care, research methodology, instrument development, academic writing, quantitative research methods in nursing science and research ethics. She has several PhD candidates in supervision.

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