Saija Tanhuanpää
University Teacher

Doctoral Student, Dep. of Teacher Education Rauma (Department of Teacher Education)
University Teacher, Dep. of Teacher Education Rauma (Department of Teacher Education)
University of Turku, Department of Teacher Education, Rauma camp
+358 29 450 3564
+358 50 524 3613

Seminaarinkatu 1
Office: Teknika 237b, Teacher Department, Rauma, tel. +358 40 593 6895
Reception time Tuesday on 9.00 - 10.00 a.m.

Areas of expertise
Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Participation, International Child Development Programme

My career as an Early Childhood Education teacher started already in 1981. One year later I started my ten year lasting job as an chef in a Kindergarten. After my Special Education studies I worked 17 years consulting Early Childhood Education teachers in the town of Rauma. I interrupted my special education teacher work for one year because I was establishing an Day Care Center to the neighbour municipality. After completed my Master´s degree I worked for two years in a national welfare project "Kaste" as a project planner. The purpose of that project was to develop psychosocial services to children under 18 years old in an area of four municipalities. In Rauma we succeed to develop a model of Family Center with a multiprofessional group of professional workers in the area. The Family Center started to work three years after the project ended. During this project my interest in children´s participation grew and I made my study plan to the University of Turku. Soon after the accepation to the University I got a place of doctoral candidate. Now my teacher work is Special Education to Early Childhood Education teacher students and I work also as a teacher tutor to the students. In another area in the welfare project "Kaste", in Parainen, there was introduced International Child Development Programme. I started to study the principles of ICDP and now I´m educated ICDP teacher. My working duties concern also secretary of Early Childhood Education team and preparation of the cucciculum. I have also coordinated teacher collaboration between University of Turku and University of Namibia in Department of Teacher Education. My mixed-methods study (monography) concerning childrens´, teachers´ and parents´ participation in Kindergarten is going to be ready during the year 2018.

Participation, International Child Development Programme

Early Childhood Special Education, International Child Development Programme

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