Anna Axelin
Associate Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing Science (Department of Nursing Science)
+358 29 450 2918
+358 50 568 6381

Joukahaisenkatu 3-5

Areas of expertise
Family Centered Neonatal Care; Pain Management; Sleep in Intensive Care; Development of IT tools for data collection; Experimental Research; Implementation research

My academic career has included conducting quantitative and qualitative research in multidisciplinary research groups. In the Academic year 2011-2012, I joined the faculty of Department of Family Health Care Nursing in University of California San Francisco for my post-doctoral research. In addition to the academic career, I have ten-year working experience as a NICU nurse. My research interests include family-centered care, pain and sleep in neonates, and the use of IT tools in implementation research. 

I am leading the Health in Early Life and Parenthood (HELP) research group which aims to promote health and welfare in the early stages of life. In addition, I serve as the Director for Separation and Closeness Experiences in Neonatal Environment (SCENE) research group which aims to improve parents' and infants' experiences and outcomes of neonatal care.

Research methodology; Nursing theory; Evidence based practice; Transferable skills

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