Gustaf Olsson

Doctoral Student, Department of Russian Studies (School of Languages and Translation Studies)

Areas of expertise
Russian, neologisms, aspectology, morphology


BA (Russian language and Economics) from the University of Tromsø (/The Arctic University of Norway), 2012
MA (Russian Language and Literature) from Åbo Akademi University, 2015


I started my doctoral studies at the University of Turku in August 2016.
The topic of my dissertation is the formation of aspectual pairs (like
delat´–sdelat´ ‘do’) for new verbs, for example
instagrammit´–zainstagrammit´. Why does this verb take the prefix za-
and not any other prefix to form perfective aspect? The hypothesis is
that semantics plays a role: the meaning of the verb shares some
semantic element(s) with the perfectivizing prefix. The plan is to study
new verbs and their aspectual correlates in the following areas:
standard/official language, Russian as a diaspora language, verbs
relating to new technologies and verbs in professional jargon.


Вариативность приставок в русском языке и способы ее изучения (2019) Вариативность в языке и речи Olsson Gustaf
O2 Other)

The Formation of Aspectual Pairs of Borrowed ova-verbs in Russian (2018)
Gustaf Olsson
A1 Journal article – refereed)

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