Juho Vaiste

Doctoral Student, Management and Organisation (Department of Management and Entrepreneurship)


Areas of expertise
Ethics of artificial intelligence, technological responsibility, ethical agency of developers.


Since 2015, I have focused on the field of AI ethics. The core target has been to understand the complex and emerging field in-depth, including a lot of independent studies and work. I have given various talks and lectures about the topics, ranging from the more practical and business-wise perspectives to the philosophical questions of AI.

My academic research (PhD candidate) focus on the developers' perspective of AI ethics. The responsibility of the tech industry rises, and we should start to understand and value the ethical agency of the AI developers.

As part of the process, I have been:
1) Consulted various companies and given lectures on AI ethics. Visiting lecturer at Aalto University, Turku School of Economics Exe and Laurea University of Applied Sciences.
2) A co-founder Turku AI Society to connect researchers of the societal impacts of AI. Organizing various events including yearly Turku AI Week, European Robotics Week Finnish main event’s AI-track, and an academic conference “Robot and AI ethics: Dialogue between Europe and East Asia”.
3) A member of the AI ethics work group by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Launching “Ethics Challenge” challenging organizations to engage with ethical principles of AI.
4) An active member and co-coordinator of the Millennial Board AI group (a part of the larger Millennial Board community).
5) A booklet project “Guide to AI Ethics” in collaboration with other PhD-level scholars, commenting and contributing post-doc members, and industry partners


AlterNATIIVI-podcast: Tekoälyn etiikka (2019) Anna Haverinen, Juho Vaiste
I1 Audiovisual material)

Opas tekoälyn etiikkaan (2019) Atte Ojanen, Nea Oljakka, Otto Sahlgren, Anne-Marie Tuikka, Juho Vaiste
E2 Popularised monograph)

Puheesta käytäntöön: Kuka huolehtii tekoälyn eettisyydestä? (2019) Juho Vaiste
E1 Popularised article, newspaper article)

Managing ethical risks of machine learning and artificial intelligence: an exploratory study (2018) Juho Vaiste
G2 Master’s thesis, polytechnic Master’s thesis)

Miten ja miksi tekoäly muuttaa ihmiskäsitystämme? (2018) Juho Vaiste
D1 Article in a trade journal)

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