Päivi Leinonen

Senior Researcher, Biodiversity unit (Biodiversity Research)


Areas of expertise
adaptation, evolutionary genetics, natural variation, natural selection, phenology, photoperiodism, plant-microbe interactions, speciation


I am an evolutionary biologist broadly interested in natural variation and local adaptation in plants and plant-microbe interactions. I obtained my Master´s degree at University of Oulu in Plant Ecology and PhD in University of Oulu in Genetics. I was also a visiting scholar at Duke University for three years as part of my postdoctoral fellowship from Academy of Finland. 


In my research I use a wide variety of applications ranging from field experiments to molecular techniques, including analysis of whole-genome sequencing data. I maintain a strong focus on ecological relevance of phenotypic variation in the context of evolution in natural environments. My current study systems include grasses and their symbiotic filamentous fungi Epichloë as well as model plant Mimulus.


Local adaptation in natural European host grass populations with asymmetric symbiosis (2019)
Leinonen P., Helander M., Vázquez-De-Aldana B., Zabalgogeazcoa I., Saikkonen K.
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Postglacial colonization history reflects in the genetic structure of natural populations of Festuca rubra in Europe (2019)
Ecology and Evolution
von Cräutlein M., Leinonen P.H., Korpelainen H., Helander M., Väre H., Saikkonen K.
A1 Journal article – refereed)

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