Lorella Scacco
MA Degree in History of Art - BA Degree in Philosophy

Doctoral Student, Art History, Musicology and Media Studies (School of History, Culture and Arts Studies)
Department of Humanities

Areas of expertise
Humanities. History of modern and contemporary art. Aesthetics. Phenomenology.


Lorella Scacco is a teacher, curator and journalist.

Graduated in History of Contemporary Art and Aesthetic at the University La Sapienza, Rome, she is professor of Phenomenology of contemporary art at Italian Academies of Fine Arts.
She realized lectures and seminars at several Universities, Academies and Foundations
in Italy and abroad. Currently she is doing her PhD at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Turku.

She has curated exhibitions and edited catalogues for
contemporary art exhibitions in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad,
as Artext, La Triennale,
Milan (2006), Mobile Journey, 52nd Venice Biennale (2007), The Hot
Season–Italian Art Now, Stenersen Museum,
Oslo (2008), Social Videoscapes from the
North, Pro
Artibus Foundation, Finland and Careof
DOCVA, Milan (2013); Laboratorio eterno, Museum H. C. Andersen in Rome (2015-16). She
contributes to specialized art magazines.

Author of Estetica mediale. Da Jean
Baudrillard a Derrick de Kerckhove published by Guerini, 2004; Northwave. A Survey of Video Art in Nordic
Countries published by Silvana Editoriale, 2009, and Alberto Giacometti and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. A dialogue on the
perception (Gangemi, 2017).




The topic of my doctoral
research is the increasingly widespread use of interactive installation by contemporary
artists in Finland. The research will focus on a group of relevant Finnish
artists who work in this field, such as L. Astala, L. Beloff, H.
Haaslahti, T. A. Laitinen, E. Nissinen, and who represent different generations. The purpose
of the research is to explore the significance of the interaction between the
media art installations and, on the other hand, historical and philosophical
factors starting from phenomenology issues by Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

The research
will also take a broader look at the International arena. Indeed, in recent years there has been a growing International interest
in media art and the senses, including interactive performances activated by
artists themselves or by the viewer. Finland is one of the top European countries
to investigate this tendency in contemporary art.

The keywords of the research project are: media
art, performance, participation, body, perception, phenomenology, audience, technology,


I teach Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts and History of art crticism at the Italian Academies of Fine Arts (annual contracts).

I'm expert of the following issues: history of modern and contemporary art, aesthetics, phenomenology, video art and media art.


Amos Rex a Helsinki. Un luogo per giocare col futuro (2019) Lorella Scacco
D1 Article in a trade journal)

Interactivity Dynamics (2019) Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art Lorella Scacco, Tanya Toft Ag, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Jens Tang Kristensen, Jamie Allen and Bernard Garnicnig, Joran Rudi, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Ulla Angkjaer Jorgensen, Laura Beloff, Björn Norberg, Elizabeth Jochum and Mads Deibjerg Lind, Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen, Morten Søndergaard, Margret Elisabet Olafsdottir, Stahl Stenslie
A3 Book chapter)

Alberto Giacometti and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. A dialogue on the perception. Phenomenology of art experience (Gangemi, Rome 2017) (2017) Alberto Giacometti and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. A dialogue on the perception (Gangemi, Rome 2017) Lorella Scacco
C1 Scientific book)

La professione del curatore (The job of curator) (2016) Lorella Scacco, Maria Stella Bottai, Nicolette Mandarano, Silvia Manca, Marta Ragozzino, Mario Epifani, Valentina Valerio, Linda Pacifici, Sofia Bilotta, Maria Elena Colombo, Valentina Ciancio, Marina Mojana, Renata Bellanova, Giovanna Brenci, Maria Chiara Ciaccheri, Anna chiara Cimoli, Francesca Mambelli, M. Beatrice De Ruggieri - Marco Cardinali, Simona Ciofetta, Silvia Manca, Antonella Sbrilli, Pierluigi Panza, Francesca Pagliaro, Alessandra Gariboldi, Mario Cobuzzi, Giovanna Pasin
D5 Text book, professional manual or guide or a dictionary)

Videoscapes from Norway: from the Periphery to the Centre and vice versa (2011) Retrospective. Film and Video Art in Norway. 1960 – ’90 Lorella Scacco, Stephen Partridge, Nicky Hamlyn, Farhad Kalantary
B2 Book chapter)

Northwave. A Survey of Videoart in Nordic Countries (2009) Lorella Scacco
C1 Scientific book)

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