Simon Chapman

Doctoral Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Department of Biology)
Doctoral Student, Department of Biology (Department of Biology)
Vesilinnantie 5
Office: 252

Areas of expertise
evolutionary biology; altruism; post-reproductive life; menopause; demography


I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Biology, studying context-dependence of the adaptive benefits of post-reproductive life in humans as part of the Human Life History Group (Professor V. Lummaa). Previously, I worked on growth in Asian elephants with the Myanmar Timber Elephant Project (then based at the University of Sheffield, UK, now based at UTU).


My current work focuses on the outcomes of grandmother help under different contexts, using a dataset on families from pre-industrial Finland. The adaptive benefits of grandmothering are thought to have had some role in the evolution of the rare life-history traits shown by humans and few other species (traits including menopause, extended post-reproductive life, and long periods of dependency). However, it cannot be assumed that help is a constant, and therefore it is important to investigate how e.g. resource stress would affect outcomes of help, in order to further our understanding of how post-reproductive life can evolve. Additionally, I have researched how the demography of grandparents has changed through time, from pre-industrial Finland to the mid-20th century.


I have taught on the Human Evolution course given by the Department of Biology.


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A1 Journal article – refereed)

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A3 Book chapter)

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A1 Journal article – refereed)

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