Outi Paloposki

Professor, Department of English (School of Languages and Translation Studies)

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Areas of expertise
Translation Studies: history, methodology, translator studies

I am professor of English at the University of Turku, Department of Languages and Translation Studies. Before joining the staff at this university, I worked at the universities of Helsinki and Tampere and at the Research Institute for Domestic Languages. My PhD was examined in 2002 at the University of Helsinki (Variation in Translation: Literary Translation into Finnish in 1809-1850; with Prof. Maria Tymoczko as the external examiner). 
I have given key note lectures in national and international conferences, addressed Nordic and national PhD seminars and delivered guest lectures in universities in Finland and abroad. I am member of the editorial boards of Perspectives (https://www.tandfonline.com/action/journalInformation?show=editorialBoard&journalCode=rmps20) and Kalbos, Studies about Languages (http://kalbos.ktu.lt/index.php/KStud/about/editorialTeam).
I was invited member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (https://acadsci.fi/en/) in 2019.

Together with and under the direction of Prof. Nike K. Pokorn (University of Ljubljana) I have been part of the team of the international Translation Studies and Translation Teaching Summer School since 2012. I am member of the Peer College for the Martha Cheung Award at the Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies (https://www.jiaotongbakercentre.org/the-martha-cheung-award/peer-college/ ). In 2016, I was Visiting Fellow at the Moore Institute, National University of Ireland Galway.

Interview by Prof. Anthony Pym, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain (in 2014): 

I have written on translation criticism, translators’ agency, paratexts, retranslations (with Kaisa Koskinen / UEF), non-literary translation, the birth of the translating profession in Finland, and on the linguistic profiles and role of translations in the changing cultural scene of Finland during the late 19th century and early 20th century. I was one of the editors of the two-volume history of literary translation into Finnish (Suomennoskirjallisuuden historia I–II), published by the Finnish Literature Society in 2007, and of its companion volume, history of non-fiction translation into Finnish (Suomennetun tietokirjallisuuden historia, 2013). I am currently working with archival material from different sources, especially translators' correspondence with the publishing house Edlund (late 19th - early 20th century).

Methodology in Translation Studies, especially historical studies, figures as one of my teaching priorities. Among my past and present courses are Translation theory, Translation history, Translation ethics, Studying literary translation, Text Analysis and various translation and interpreting courses.

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The Translator’s Footprints. (2010) Translators’ Agency Paloposki, Outi
B2 Book chapter)

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