Markku Nurminen

Information Systems Science (Department of Management and Entrepreneurship)
+358 2 333 8683
Joukahaisenkatu 3-5


A Conceptual Model for Articulating Goals, Re ecting Work Episodes and Evaluating Outcomes for Knowledge Work Performance
(2017) Work 2017: Work and Labour in the Digital Future: abstracts Jukka Heikkilä, Markku I. Nurminen
O2 Other)

Work Informatics - Mon Amour (2017)
Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems
Nurminen Markku I.
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Sensemaking in the Personal Health Space (2015)
Information Technology and People
Janne Lahtiranta, Jani Koskinen, Sari Knaapi-Junnila, Markku Nurminen
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Ethics and the Inseparability Postulate: How to make better critical governmental information systems (2014)
ETHICOMP Conference Series
Ethicomp 2014 - Liberty and Security in an Age of ICTs Olli Heimo, Kai Kimppa, Markku Nurminen
A4 Article in conference proceedings)

PHR revisioned - Navigating in the personal health space (2014) ICT and Society Lahtiranta Janne, Nurminen Markku I.
A4 Article in conference proceedings)

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